[Completed] Firmware Update of the Core Router

All Maintenance Completed and Network Issue is now Permanently Resolved. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are going do some Firmware update on our New Juniper Router of the New DC. It may cause upto 20mins of Network Down. Effected IP ... Read More »

8th Jun 2020
[Update]Major Announcement from ServerHosh - Data Center Upgrade

UPDATE 22:00hrs GMT +5:30 Update : Migration Completed. All clients with dedicated server can reach his machine.  VPS nodes are getting up one by one. Shared Hosting Servers are also up. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Valuable  UsersAs you know we are Growing very Fast in our Europe Location and we ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2020
PHP End of Life Versions

Dear ServerHosh User From 5th April we stop Supporting the PHP Version Older than 7 as they are End of Life and Might Cause Server Security Issue. Removed all 5.x Versions. https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php You can Update your PHP Server from your cPanel Client Panel or Shoot us an Email to change. Thanks and Regards ServerHosh Team Read More »

5th Apr 2020
[Resolved] Network Down and

Dear ServerHosh User We again face an Internal Network Issue caused by DC Router which effected our 2 IP Range and We are working with DC to get an ETA of the Fix. We are very much upset with this continuous Issue with the DC now and we are now going to find an Alternate Stable Option to move our Services. We ... Read More »

10th Oct 2019
[RESOLVED]Power Strip Down on NL1 DC RACK 2 and Rack 3

We have informed by our NL1 DC that one of our RACK Power Strip has been down last 2hrs and they are working on to replace them as soon as possible.

Effective IP Range on the RACK 2 and 3  are and

However IP Range is in operational Mode -


3rd Oct 2019
Dallas New Rack setting UP

Dear ServerHosh User We are currently in process to setup of new Rack in Dallas under Carrier-1 DC and we soon as Cogent as our Transit Partner. We will soon send an Email to our Current Dallas user with Schedule Migration Date. This Two Node Users will be Migrated - Dallas-10G-001 and Dallas-10G-002 Best Regards ServerHosh Team Read More »

9th Aug 2019
[Resolved]HP4259 and HP4071 DOWN

Dear ServerHosh User Approximately 2hrs Back we found two of our Server has been down. After checking with DC we found the PDU(Power Distributing Unit)Caused the issue which connected with this Two Server. We are currently waiting for a New PDU to be Replaced with this Defective one. Once DC Replaced the PDU servers will be back online. We will ... Read More »

5th Aug 2019
[Completed] NL and FR Shared Hosting Maintenance

Dear ServerHosh User We are going to do some Maintenance on our NL and FR Shared Hosting in Next few hours. During this Maintenance there would be small Fluctuation in Network Uptime for multiple times. Rest assure everything will be remain fine. If you have any questions related to this do open a ticket and we will update you asap. Many ... Read More »

28th May 2019
[COMPLETED] NL-DC2 Migration - 29th May 01:34hrs

OUR NL DC2 has been Properly migrated to NL DC1. New Total Time taken 34hrs. Moved around 393TB of Data on our New Server. Hi Guys As you are aware we send an Schedule NL-DC2 Migration Email on May 13th 2019. We are now ready to start the Migration. The migration will start from the May 27th 2019 15:00hrs IST(GMT +5:30hrs). Best ... Read More »

26th May 2019
[COMPLETED]Important Announcements on Seattle IP Change

Dear Valued Customer, Recently we have Informed by the "Lacnic"(Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre) that we can't use some of our IP Blocks in the USA due to some Policy Changes by them. We we need to change those IP Block by March 2nd. There is nothing to worry about as we already Get some ARIN(American Registry for Internet ... Read More »

21st Feb 2019