Urgent Server Maintenance - NL64HDD102

 Oct 30th

We will Performe some Maintenance on NL64HDD102 to make the Server more Faster and Stable. Hens we need to shut down your VPS for couple of hours due to this. This Update will be helpful for you so please assist with us. Your Data will be remain same. Once we done Update we will send an Email.Server will be shutdown for few hours on 1st NOV 2016 ... Read More »

USA Server Shifting - Aroia

 Oct 1st

HelloDue to some Network Snoofing done by a User of "Aroia" Node we have to transfer rest of the VPS to our Dallas Colocation Facility. The Server "Aroia" will be closed down in next Couple of Hours. We are really sorry for this Recent and unexpect Issue.Each of the VPS will have New IP and it would be send as as sson as possible...Kind ... Read More »

DMCA Ignored Hosting Migration - DONE

 Aug 16th


This is the Ultimatee and Final Migration of our DMCA Ignored Hosting. Hostname "nl1.serverhoshbilling.com". This would be down for 1-3hrs Max. After that Everything will be Up and working fine...



 Aug 4th

Dear {$client_name}First off I would like to thank you for Supporting ServerHosh as your Hosting Provider. We have some Wide Varity of Server and Different Type of VPS with upto 10Gbps Unmetered* Bandwidth.Start selling as a Reseller we have achive to get our Own Servers, Network, IP Block and everything needed for Managing a Hosting Company. We ... Read More »

Server Migration Due to DMCA Report - Completed

 Jul 30th

There was some kind of Highly Abuse/DMCA Issue Received to our USA Server Node, Named - "USAHDD1". Some one is Using the Server as Copyright Meterial Storage and we are getting Abuse Message Daily. So we have to Shift your VPS to another Server so you won't face any Issue.Keep in mind the Effected Server name is "USAHDD1". You can check ... Read More »

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